Impatient Patient

I’m an impatient patient. I’m anxious to get back to my work, my life, and my health – or what passes for health around these parts.

I’m also an experienced patient, and know to temper the impatience and to listen carefully to my body as I work my way through my various challenges. I haven’t needed a refined musical ear these days, though. There’s been a lot of pain coming in loud and clear from last week’s surgery to remove a kidney, and I’ve been taking it very, very easy. Let me clarify. There’s actually very little pain when I’m resting (shameless plug: my rocking chair is very, very comfortable, and this has been a very good test of that). Up and about is a different story. But the pain has been slowly easing, receding, dulling. The milestone yesterday was ditching the narcotic pain pills. I hate those pills. And getting rid of them is a big step on my road to recovery. I’ve also been out walking a fair bit. That does more than anything to restore my physical and mental well-being. I even made it in to the shop yesterday to check on things, and to do a tiny bit of very simple work. And then I rested some more.

All in all, this is pretty much where I expected to be. The really difficult part is over, and what comes next requires equal measures of patience and impatience; of listening to my body, and of ignoring it to push beyond my limits and get stronger. I’ve done this countless times before. I’m used to it. Here I am again.

I’m eager to get back to full strength in my writing, furnituremaking, and teaching. And I will be back. Soon!