Change is good, right??



I find myself facing yet another chapter in the long, varied saga that is my health, and yes, changes are afoot. I’ve been getting too many serious infections related to the dialysis treatments I’ve been doing, so I’ve started the process of switching over to a different treatment mode. The most significant change is that it will be harder to travel. Because of this, I need to significantly reduce my out-of-town teaching for next year. My hope is that this will give me a chance to heal up, and that I can go back to my current treatment regimen – and busy teaching schedule – after a break.

I’m also hoping that this gives me the opportunity and the time to concentrate on writing my next book! The original target deadline for completion has already passed, and I’ve still got a great deal of work to do. The work on this book has been exciting and extremely challenging; I’m trying hard to map out the design process in a way that makes sense for someone who is not a designer.  I’m hoping that the book will be truly enabling.

This will also give me more opportunity to develop some of the new chair designs I’ve been playing around with; ideas that have been vying in vain for my attention over the past couple of years.

I also plan on doing a lot more teaching in my own shop next year, although I haven’t put together my schedule yet. Too much is still up in the air. I won’t know what my treatment schedule is until late November, and it would be foolish of me to schedule classes before I know that. I will post that schedule as soon as possible.