2015: New Classes, new projects

I should have had my schedule of classes for the first half of 2015 posted over a month ago. But things didn’t work out that way. I wound up spending 10 days in the hospital with a double infection, and recovery has been slower than I expected. Unfortunately, the interruption forced me to hold off on getting everything together in a timely way.

N.E.W. StoolThe schedule has a bunch of exciting new project classes that I’ve been developing over the last year. First, there’s a stool project that combines traditional joinery (with a twist) and some really fun shaping. This is a piece that I developed for a class next July at the New English Workshop.

Next up is building a Shaker side table (or nightstand) using hand tools. We’ll prepare the kit of parts for you, but all of the shaping, smoothing and joinery will be done by hand. This is the subject of the online video I did last summer for Craftsy. If you want to get a sense of the project – or want a less expensive video lesson on building the table – click here. You can save 20% off the list price for the online class with this link.Shaker Side Table

The final new class is Building a Contemporary Cabriole Leg Coffee Table. This table incorporates a really cool leg/apron design that strongly harkens back to traditional Cabriole legs, but one that fits in with less traditional rooms as well. I wrote about these legs in the June 2014 issue of Popular Woodworking.Contemporary Coffee TableIt is worth mentioning that I’ve been teaching here in my shop for 18 years now, and prices for most of the classes have not really changed in all that time. As expenses have not remained nearly so constant, I’m finally raising prices on some of the classes. Given the small size of all of these classes, I’m trusting that you’ll still find them a great value.