Flooding? What flooding?

I’ve gotten a bunch of calls today from people wondering if this weekend’s Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event would be affected by the monumental rains in the Chicago area. Much to my relief, everything is fine at the shop, and we got everyone’s stuff in and set up on schedule. We’re ready.

One of the best parts of these events is the ability for everyone to play with the hand tools. For me, I get a chance to play with them on a much larger scale. We have to load in the crates of Lie-Nielsen tools, and the only way to do that in my shop is with a forklift.

loading in the Lie-Nielsen crates

That’s playing with hand tools in a big way. This is actually from a couple of years ago, but I did the same thing today (in the rain).

The Highland Woodworker

I spent a really enjoyable couple of days in February with Chuck Brock and Stephen Price from The Highland Woodworker as they filmed a segment on me and my work for the online video show that will be released tomorrow. Chuck is bright, funny, and a delight to be around. He’s also a tireless worker, who runs more businesses (and runs them well!) than I could keep track of: as far as I recall, he’s a woodworker, writer, teacher, musician (I can relate this far), video star, video producer, and he runs his own finishing company.

We talked about my work, how I got started, and how some of my health issues played a factor in that. We also talked about the origins my latest chair design, which I”m just now (finally!) finishing up. I hope you’ll get a chance to take a look!

By the way, I’ve filled in my class schedule for the rest of the year on my web site. Of particular note is a new class on making Shoji, which will be taught by a former assistant of mine, Craig Klucina,  who is one of the foremost makers of Shoji screens and Tansu chests around.

Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event

It’s time once again for the Lie-Nielsen Hand Tools Event at my shop. It’s taking place on Friday, April 19th (10 am – 6 pm) and Saturday, April 20th (10 am – 5 pm). No need to call; the event free and open to the public. In addition to the good folks from Lie-Nielsen and all of (and I mean all of them) their great tools, we’ll be joined by Kevin Glen-Drake from Glen-Drake tools (who promises to bring his new line of turning tools), Raney Nelson and his drool-worthy Daedworks planes, Tico Vogt and his extraordinary shooting boards, and Lost Art Press, and one or more of the tall guys who run the place. I look forward to seeing you there. If I can finally finish it, I’ll be showing off a new chair design, as well as demonstrating some great hand tool techniques.