This is big…

I’ve got a lot of teaching and travel on my plate for this summer, but one of the things I”m most looking forward to is an event that’s been organized by the folks at Benchcrafted to build a series of benches based directly on Roubo’s plate 11 from L’Art du Menuisier.

Roubo's bench

Workbench fro Plate 11 in Roubo’s LArt du Menuisier

We’ll be using some huge old French Oak (5-6″ thick, up to 29″ wide), some of which is fro the grounds of Versailles. And the folks participating are an amazing group of bench and Roubo enthusiasts, including Jameel Abraham from Benchcrafted, Chris Schwarz (well, he’s Chris Schwarz), Don Williams (Senior Furniture Conservator at the Smithsonian, who is heading the current translation project of Roubo’s works), Ron Breese (Breese Planes), Raney Nelson (Daedworks Tools), and Jon Fiant (an Atlanta area cabinet and bench maker) are all participating (as am I). And there’s room (and wood) for 10 woodworkers to join us. It’s worth stressing that this is not a class, but a group build. There will certainly be help if you need it, but don’t expect the typical instruction. On the other hand, fun will be dished out it spades, along with insights, anecdotes, and given the crowd, bad jokes.

All of the drool-worthy details are here.