New Workshops

New Workbench

The modified-Roubo bench with Benchcrafted Hardware

The new schedule of workshops is finally posted to my web site.  I’ve added a workbench class! I have a little bit of extra room (not time, but rather 1500 square feet of physical space) this fall, after the guy in the back shop in my building moved.

I’ve built a few of these benches (2 done so far, but one more is almost done) over the past year. I’ve also been testing them out, and find them to be pretty amazing. I haven’t worked on anything better, and I’ve built many other benches, and have tried a wide variety of benches while teaching at many schools around the country.

A smaller version

You can also make a smaller version

The benches I’ve made lately have all had Benchcrafted hardware, which I think is amazingly good stuff. But there are certainly other options available. Please get in touch with me if you’d like to build a bench with a different vise configuration or hardware. By the way, Benchcrafted is offering a 5% student discount to anyone purchasing vises for this class.

It’s also worth noting that there are still a few spaces left in my classes at Marc Adams School of Woodworking next month. On the 15th and 16th I’ll be doing an expanded version of my class on jigs for had cutting mortise and tenon joints. From the 17th through the 21st we’ll be making a curved slat-back chair.

Curved Slat-Back Chairs

Curved Slat-Back Chairs

And then on November 2nd and 3rd, I’ll be teaching at Woodworking in America in the Cincinnati area.

Benchcrafted’s New Handwheels

I was very fortunate to be the first recipient of the newly re-designed hand-wheels on Benchcrafted’s Tail Vise and Glide Vise. Wow. The craftsmanship is exactly what you would expect from Benchcrafted: beautifully designed, machined and finished; and they’re even beefier than the old wheels. In fact, the new wheels weigh almost twice as much as the previous ones. They feel great in your hands, and function beautifully. The added mass means that the Glide vise spins with incredible ease, and it adds to the feeling of control. Even the Tail Vise now has enough mass to spin open or closed for two or three turns. I’ve been working with the vises on a newly completed bench for a couple of weeks now. I’m thoroughly impressed.

One of my new benches