Saving Time

Green Hearing Protection

At least they're easy to see

One of the better time-saving choices I’ve made in my shop was to purchase a pair of fluorescent green Peltor hearing protectors. I admit that they’re pretty goofy looking, especially in combination with the bright pink P-100 filters on the 3M dust mask I often wear, but I’ve cut down drastically on the time I used to waste looking for my black ear muffs; the green is pretty easy to spot anywhere in a shop full of more natural colors. But yesterday, my system broke down just a bit. I had brought in a Granny Smith apple, and left it on my bench in the morning. For much of the day, I found myself heading over to the bright green apple when I was about to turn on a machine, instead of to my hearing protectors, which were usually hiding somewhere at the other end of the shop. I finally had to eat the apple just to stop wasting time. Or rather, to stop wasting time in that particular way.

Not exactly the same color, but close enough...