A brief pause…

One of the things I find most interesting about being in the thick of a challenging project is that the level of concentration and creativity that’s needed isn’t always contained by the project at hand. New ideas for projects and thoughts on new designs seem to come fast and furious, and it’s hard to keep up. I try to jot things down to capture what I can of these ideas, but it’s always a relief when there’s time to pursue them in earnest.

Right now, though, I’ve got a short vacation lined up, along with the requisite pre-trip flail. I hope that I can sustain all that pent-up enthusiasm while I’m gone and when I’m playing catch-up once I get back!

Details, details

I haven’t had time for a real photo session yet, I just finished the chair yesterday, and I’m heading out of town on Sunday. But I snapped some detail shots in the shop today. Some real photos after I get back.

Close up of the inner edge of the arm

Lower back rail and the slats

A view from the back

The branch joint and rocker

Chairmaking Workshop

I’ve just added a Chairmaking Workshop to my teaching schedule. This will take place on April 25th – 29th, from 9 am to 5 pm each day.  Each participant will build a fairly simple chair – but the project has all of the major challenges posed by just about any joined chair. We’ll cover design, structure and basic comfort issues, and the skills, techniques, tips and tricks of chairmaking. All in all, a great introduction to the world of joined chairs.

See my workshops page for more information.